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Cable Cable modem access speeds are above normal DSL speeds. As with DSL, the speed of access varies depending on the number of connections using the Internet at any given time. Many cable providers will state a range of operating speeds that are being experienced with their service. Most of the high rates pertain to extremely low usage times. Speeds of 128Kbs to 1.5Mbs are normally the speed ranges being listed. Many cable providers limit the upload speeds of their customers. Normally the limit is 50%-80% less than the downloading speeds (128Kbs to 256Kbs). Costs associated with cable service usually depend on whether you are currently a cable customer (TV). If not, normally there is an additional monthly fee. As with your current cable bill, the monthly fees quoted do not include state and local taxes, franchise fees, equipment leasing charges, or installation fees. 

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Last modified: December 22, 2006