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 DSL Satellite Cable 

How do we compare to other services? Just take a look and decide for yourself.

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Matrix98036 wireless Internet service Speed is the primary reason for your decision to move away from Dial-up access. Matrix98036 has been consistently operating at speeds ranging from 350Kbps to 1.5Mbps (Upload and Download). The normal speed experienced is above 600Kbs. 

Standard Plan (stepped rate reduction)  

The standard Matrix98036 service runs $50.00/month for the first 4 months, $40.00/month for the following 4 months, and $35.00/month thereafter (uninterrupted service). Billing is month to month with no long term commitment required and can be paid via US Mail or on-line. Installation fees range between $100.00 and $200.00 depending on required equipment and configuration and are 100% refundable if, within 30 days, you are not satisfied with our service. The $35.00/month rate WILL NOT increase for these subscribers over time (locked in rates).   

Alternate Plan

The alternate plan provides the same speeds as the standard plan but does not have the initial installation fee. The rates are $50.00/month for the first 12 months and then drops to $40.00/month thereafter (uninterrupted service). As with the standard plan, the $40.00/month rate WILL NOT increase for these subscribers over time (locked in rates).    

Limited Speed Option Plan

For some people, speed is not the primary issue. A few of our Subscribers were looking for a way to free up their phone line and still have a stable, fast connection to the Internet - all at an affordable price. We have solved that issue by providing a Limited Speed Option Plan. This plan offers the same wireless connection but at a reduced speeds. No Installation fees, and a monthly rate of based on the access speed desired. This is the perfect solution for Subscribers that are using free e-mail service (ie. Hotmail) and paying for dial-up ISP service (normally $20.00/month). With this plan you get an "always on" connection, at up to twice the speed of a dial-up modem. 

Download/Upload* speed - Monthly charge
128Kbs/64Kbs - $20.00/month (over twice the downloading speed of a modem connection).

 * Download speed is FROM the Internet TO your PC, and Upload speed is FROM your PC TO the Internet.

How we compare

Comcast(tm) is now offering  Internet Cable in the local area. Be sure to compare rates and services over a period of months before you decide. The Comcast(tm) pricing module is to start LOW and then continue to raise your rates (as they continue to do for Cable TV). Our rates HAVE NOT increased to our Subscribers. We have put together a comparisons worksheet between Comcast(tm) internet cable access and Matrix98036 access. The comparisons below assume a single non-business PC connection.  It also assumes that the subscriber currently subscribes to cable TV and is using the cable provider's equipment (lease option) and the premium installation.  The state sales tax is also computed so it must be added into the figures. Additional fees and charges are not computed for the internet cable costs since many are variable and depend on the configuration of the equipment at the customer's location. 

Comcast(tm) Internet Cable

Year one:       Installation fee (Premium):              $  ____.___
                       Monthly rate (___.__+tax X 12):  $  ____.___
                       Modem rental ($__.___+tax X 12): $  ____.___
                      Rebate from installation fee (if any): -$  ____.___
Total:     $ ____.____ PLUS Deposit (if needed), service activation, local taxes, franchise fees, etc.

If you are NOT a current cable TV customer, add another monthly fee (up to $120.00 + tax for 1 year)! 

Standard plan:
Year one:    
Installation fee (averaged):                 $ 100.00
                       Month 1-4 ($50.00/month):                 $ 200.00
                       Month 5-8 ($40.00/month):                 $ 160.00
                       Month 9-12 ($35.00/month):               $ 140.00

                                                     Total:      $ 600.00
(NO additional charges or hidden fees).

               PLUS your rates are locked 

Don't be fooled or misled on issues of speed.

Speed is the primary reason Subscribers change from a dial-up service. Most all providers limit the uploading speeds of  their customers. They will tell you that most of the communication on the Internet occurs as downloading from the Internet and not uploading to it. If this is true, then why limit the speed of uploading? Simple, by reducing the uploading speed to 256Kbps they can add more connections on that circuit. 

How does this affect the way you work on the PC? Let's say you get an E-mail with a large attachment (a family picture for example ). If the attachment took you 15 seconds to receive it and you wanted to send it to another family member, it could take up to 3 minutes to send! - UPLOAD SPEED DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!!!

How can Matrix offer such high speed when the bigger providers can't (or won't)?

Simple, we have structured our business to support a much smaller customer base than our competition. Where they support thousands, we support hundreds. We simply don't have the huge overhead, franchise fees, etc. that they have- but we do use the SAME business class communication lines they use.  We've made  provisions to increase our communication lines as the need arises and when it does, it won't affect the cost for our customers. 

Issues of Support 

With Matrix, support is local via E-mail, voice or "at your home".  We provide weekend and evening support so you don't have to arrange your schedule. Contact your current cable, telephone, or satellite TV provider and check the ease and flexibility of support with them. We're sure you'll find that the local support that we provide is far superior. 

Issues you may want to review before you decide: Comcast(tm) Issues

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Last modified: December 22, 2006