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What is Matrix98036 High Speed Internet Service?

     Matrix98036 is a wireless high speed internet service being offered to the residents of Brier and the surrounding community. The service uses 802.11b, Wi-Fi, technology to provide a fast and stable connection to the Internet. This technology is one of the fastest growing areas in the computer industry today. Wi-Fi is being provided throughout the United States at airports, coffee shops, parks and numerous other locations.  

What can you do with this connection?

    You will have high speed secure internet access from your home 24/7. By high speed we mean up to 50 times the speed many are getting in the area with a conventional dial-up connection. Imagine finally being able to download those huge program updates in minutes rather than hours, retrieving your e-mail in a few seconds and surfing the web without the frustration or worry of disconnects.   

How does this speed compare to a dial-up connection?

     Comparisons between a dial-up modem and a broadband connection are dramatic. The typical modem in use today is a 56kbs modem. While the name may lead you to believe that you can communicate at 56,400 bits per second, in actuality the speeds are variable mostly between 28,800 and 38,400 bits per second. Sometimes a good connection will yield 48,000 to 56,400 bits per second but those instances are extremely rare (especially in Brier). The comparison of 28,8Kbs to our average speed of 623Kbs is like driving 540 MPH instead of 25 MPH! You get to where you are going FAST!  

What you need

    The equipment needed for this connection is as follows:
    1. PC running Windows XPTM, METM, 2000TM, 98TM, 98SETM, or Macintosh.
    2. One of the following:
            a. A network card (installed in your pc) or an available PCI slot.
            b. An available USB port.
            c. Compact Flash (CF) slot or PCMCIA slot.    

What we provide

    The installation includes the following:
    1. Wireless Adapter (CPE) using one of the above mentioned methods. 
    2. Configuration and setup.
    3. Local support (we live here).

Here is how it works.............

    The main internet connection Access Point is located at our office. We have installed a high gain antenna which broadcasts the signal to the surrounding area. When a PC is equipped with a properly configured wireless adapter, that system can communicate with the  Host Access Point. Sounds easy???? It is. 

"How far can I be away from the Access Point?"

    Testing has been successfully performed up to 4 miles from the Access Point**

** The reception distance depends on the terrain, distance from the Access Point, and the location of the Client Access Point inside the home. Some connections  may require an external antenna.

"Is it secure?"

    While no service can guarantee 100% security, we have implemented several layers of security using top of the line hardware and software. These layers are, for the most part, transparent to you but they provide an extremely complex and sophisticated  labyrinth to outside hackers. We have taken every precaution to ensure that you will have a fast, safe, and stable communication path to the Internet and we will continue to upgrade security as new technology is developed. While our competition recently experienced downtime due to the LovSan worm, we were unaffected and service went uninterrupted. 

"What's the catch?"

    Actually there is no catch. Just remember that at this time we are providing high speed Internet access only. Like the other plans that are offered (i.e.. DSL/Cable modem) the service only provides the connection to the Internet . This means that if you currently have an e-mail service provider (AOLTM, MSNTM, etc.), you will still need to subscribe to that service in order to have e-mail (but you will be able to access it with lightening speed). Some service providers will substantially reduce their monthly fee if you use an alternate method of connecting to the Internet instead of dialing through their system (check with your individual service provider). Subscribers using the free e-mail service such as the Microsoft's Hotmail, or Yahoo Mail system will not require any other service except ours. We are planning to provide a complete e-mail service option in the near future. 

"OK, I understand all that but how much does it cost?"

    We have, over the past year, worked to provide many pricing plans to our subscribers. Check out our "Comparisons" page to see which plan is the best for you.     

"How does these costs compare to the others?"

    Comparable speed DSL and cable costs can run anywhere from $40.00 - $88.00 +/month (not including installation). By comparison, the first year of service could result in a savings of over 50%.

"How do I get started?"

     If you are interested in obtaining this service from us, please call or send us an e-mail. 

     We are very excited to offer this service to the residents of Brier and the surrounding community. We have been in the area for over 14 years and have gotten to know many people and businesses in the community. We look forward to having you as our customer.  


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Last modified: December 22, 2006