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Customer Comments
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Here is what some of our Customers have to say about us.


"LOVE your service.   Should anyone ask for references, feel free to give them my email address or phone number.  I would be happy to tell anyone how much I love it ...."- KD

"can't get any better than I've received from matrix."


    "Today I needed to download a huge file from Microsoft to update a laptop with windows 98 on it before I gave it to my daughter. Microsoft estimated it would take 2 hours and 27 minutes at 28Kbs which is a typical phone connection for me. I plugged in the antenna and downloaded the file in 13 minutes! Everything is much, much faster using Matrix" - TW

   "Fast enough for two to play online games with a ping rate lower than most people on DSL or Cable...and my wife can surf at the same time! We frequently have 3 pc's on-line at the same time sharing one connection over our personal LAN with plenty of speed." -CW

Reliability and ease of use:

"I am using CompuServe just like before but now it is very much quicker. The whole system consists of a small antenna which is plugged into a USB port. It is very simple on the customers side."


   "The price is well within what I was willing to pay for high speed Internet. I was using a separate phone line for the Internet connection and I am now planning to drop that second line which will save me $25 per month. By the end of this year, Matrix will be costing me only $10 more than what I was paying for a very slow connection."

 "good in eight months it will be unbeatable" - DW


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Last modified: December 22, 2006